What is an A.R.E. Topper

What is an A.R.E Truck Topper?

The Ultimate Truck Bed Cover

An A.R.E. truck topper is a fiberglass shell that mounts over the truck bed (the open cargo area in a pickup truck) to fully enclose the space. A.R.E. is the industry’s leading manufacturer of truck caps and toppers for both commercial and personal use.

Constructed from thick, reinforced fiberglass, A.R.E.’s durable yet lightweight truck toppers are designed to protect your cargo from weather and theft while providing versatile enclosed hauling space. The sleek, aerodynamic fiberglass profile resists dents, won’t rust, and enhances fuel efficiency compared to open pickup beds.

Key Benefits

A.R.E. truck toppers deliver exceptional functionality:

  • Full weather protection keeps your cargo clean and dry
  • Enclosed design deters opportunistic theft of your gear
  • Greater hauling capacity with secure, covered space
  • Better mpg compared to your unmodified truck bed
  • Easily convert from open to closed bed when you need it
  • Dent-resistant fiberglass stands up to daily use
  • Custom painted finishes available

Diverse Applications

From weekend warriors to construction jobsites, A.R.E. truck tops enable you to haul all kinds of cargo safely. Popular use cases include:

Construction and Maintenance

  • Building materials and lumber
  • Contractor supplies – piping, tools, generators
  • Landscaping products – topsoil, gravel, mulch
  • Concealed storage for your equipment and gear

Adventure and Outdoors

  • Enclosed space for your camping equipment
  • Lockable and dry storage for bicycles
  • Secure hauling for kayaks, canoes, etc.
  • Protection from elements during overlanding

Commercial and Fleet Use

  • Locked covers for your tools, inventory, documents
  • Ability to transport more cargo with a covered bed
  • Handles pipes, loose materials, awkward loads
  • Sized for compact to full-size pickups

In short, anything you need to haul securely benefits from an A.R.E. truck topper – keeping expensive gear protected and preventing loose cargo from escaping on the road.

Unparalleled Quality & Durability

A.R.E. manufacturers premium fiberglass toppers built to endure years of tough use:

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Reinforced double-walled fiberglass shell
  • Some commercial models feature a Steel framework bonded into shell
  • Commercial models hold 500+ pounds
  • Made for off-road driving conditions

Weatherproof Protection

  • Thick shell shields cargo from rain, snow, dust
  • Door seals tight against elements
  • Aerodynamic contour enhances efficiency

Lasting Value

  • Fiberglass resists dents and damage
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Retains resale value for years
  • Works across multiple truck ownership cycles

Plus A.R.E. equips their toppers with nice touches – smooth opening handles, gas strut lids, dome lights – transforming your truck bed into a fully livable cargo annex.

Available Now at Penner Trailer Sales

We offer A.R.E’s complete selection of personal and commercial grade truck toppers for purchase and professional installation. Our trained sales staff can guide you through product selection based on your truck, cargo, and feature needs.

We also provide precision fitting and leak-free mounting services. Proper weather sealing is crucial for optimal security and enclosed usability long-term.

Stop by our Winchester location or contact us online to upgrade your truck with an A.R.E. topper!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size A.R.E. truck topper should I get?

ARE offers sizes to match all standard truck beds: Full-size 8 ft. models, Mid-size 6 ft., and Compact/Fleet 5 ft. We’ll measure and recommend the right size topper for your exact truck bed dimensions.

How much weight can a fiberglass topper hold?

Most standard A.R.E. fiberglass toppers handle 400 pounds distributed. Heavy-duty commercial models support over 500 pounds. Respect your vehicle’s max payload when estimating cargo.

What mounting is required to install a topper?

A.R.E. toppers use existing truck bed hardware for custom fit installation. Our pro installers are trained to deliver optimal, leak-free mounting and weather sealing.

Can I still use truck bed racks and cleats with a topper?

Yes. Most tie-downs, racks, rail mounts and accessories still work with a topper. Some may need slight modification depending on placement. Let our team know what accessories you have when planning installation.

Ready to protect and haul cargo safely with America’s #1 selling truck topper brand? Contact Penner Trailer Sales today or visit our Tennessee location to upgrade your truck bed with an A.R.E. fiberglass topper!