We are able to offer unbeatable value and rugged durability with our GR replacement bumper product line. GR is a solid, no nonsense, no hype product.

As we say, if you want to make your truck invincible, you have come to the right place.

These bumpers are built around a 4″ Schedule 30 pipe for the main cross piece with 1″ Schedule 30 pipe making up the grill and headlight protection. 14 gauge tread plate makes up the fascia. A 2″ receiver tube is mounted in the center. All of this is coated with a premium TGIC Polyester powdercoat.

The engineering and design of these bumpers is second to none. Each bumper is designed to flow with the body lines of your truck in a way that only a custom bumper can. They also each include OEM compatible fog light mounts where applicable. You will not be disappointed with the fit and the finish of your GR bumper.

The investment that one of these bumpers will represent, will be much less than the cost of rebuilding your front end after something as simple as hitting a deer. Not to mention fender benders, collisions, hits while parking… You name it. If you’re ever in an accident, having a bumper could be the difference between a totaled car and being able to drive home after, and could also end up saving a life.

We have bumpers in stock for all three major truck brands from ¾ ton and up. Pricing on most is $1,500 + tax installed or $1,200 picked up.