About Us

In 2015, Delbert Penner saw the need for a trailer dealer in the Winchester, TN area. To meet that need, he began to lay the foundation for what has become Penner Trailer Sales today. Delbert has spent much of his career in the steel manufacturing industry and drew heavily from the knowledge and insight that he gained there in the process of choosing which manufacturers to partner with. As a result, we are very proud of the brands and products that we sell.

The second building block in the foundation of who we have become is our service. From the very beginning, Delbert has tenaciously prioritized the customers experience with us here at Penner Trailer Sales. He has insisted that the customers experience should be anchored in developing a relationship with us that is personable, knowledgeable, and thereby valuable. As a result, word has spread rapidly among the local community and we have been able to grow and thrive by providing value to each relationship, whether it be a small parts sale, or a service job, or a large new account. We have also been able to grow well beyond the bounds of our own community. With our extensive inventory and comprehensive service capabilities we have attracted business’s, contractor’s, landowners, farmers, ranchers and homeowners from growing list of 34 states.

Our Company Vision

– To provide quality products and top-notch supporting services

– To be a positive and life giving presence in the community

Our Mission

– All of our brands and products will be thoroughly vetted and will enable us to fulfill our purpose in providing value.

– To continually develop the scope and quality of services offered and to leverage our knowledge and experience to meet needs as effectively as possible.

– To understand the needs of whoever we have the privilege of assisting and developing a long term partnership that is valuable to all.

Our Purpose

– To provide value to its owner, team members and customers.
  •  To its owner and team members by providing for and achieving financial needs and goals. And by providing a supportive workplace culture that continually stimulates personal development.
  • To its customers by providing access to products and supporting services that enable them to accomplish their goals and seize new opportunities through greater efficiencies and capabilities.

Our Values

– Integrity

  • Maintain a high level of honesty
  • Uphold high moral standards

– Humility

  • Recognize and own our achievements and abilities as something to serve others with
  • Not hold ourselves over others
  • Recognize that every person has value

– Hunger

  • Have an open mind and be looking for more to learn
  • Look for more and better ways to serve
  • Exceed expectations