Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is a type of trailer that is typically used for hauling construction debris, sand, gravel, and other materials. These trailers are designed with a hydraulic system that allows the user to raise and lower the trailer bed. This feature makes it easy to unload the trailer’s contents without lifting and loading the material manually.

Dump trailers are available in various sizes and styles to accommodate hauling needs. There are multiple side wall options for different use applications, for example, some dump trailers have side walls to keep the load from shifting during transport. Other features that may be included on dump trailers are ramps, tarp systems, and tie-down points.

When choosing a dump trailer, it is vital to select a model that is the right size for the job. Dump trailers are available in sizes ranging from four to 16 feet. The width and height of the trailer bed will also vary depending on the model.

Maxxd 14' x 83" Dump Trailer
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